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the lords and ladies did dance wildly also
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9th-Dec-2008 12:54 pm(no subject)
SBP: eyes

This man is a genius.

But he makes me feel all small, I'll never be able to do what he does with words. It's like I'm standing in front of a beautifully hand-carved wooden wardrobe and what can I do with wood? Sharpen sticks.

Maybe this example doesn't make sense.
painting: the sea
My best friend told me not to get my hopes up because she's known this guy for years and according to her, he'd never make a move and I'm "not his type, anyway".

He asked me out on Saturday. Ha!
28th-Nov-2008 10:00 am(no subject)
SBP: eyes
Dear snow,

You are cold. Melt already!

Yours, freezing Kylie
14th-Nov-2008 11:02 am - i fail
painting: the sea
I'm a bit annoyed at myself that I'm not doing NaNoWriMo this year. I had fun last year, even if I didn't get anywhere near the 50'000 word count. I even still like the story I started, imagine that!
But I never seem to have any time. And this month it feels like everything has been leading up to the costume ball this weekend. It feels like something really dramatic or somehow life-changing is going to happen tomorrow night, which is silly. Possibly my best friend will stab me because the guy she has a crush on is more interested in me. The way she glared at me last friday when he asked me to dance was a sure sign of impending doom. :/
painting: brave sir knight
Looking forward to this weekend's costume ball like you wouldn't believe! I even sewed a dress (well, I asked my grandmother to sew a dress for me) for the occasion. Some of the choir has even been learning to dance! I can tango now, it's fun. Especially in heels :D

I just hope the guy I want to dance with won't be in the band all night. I'll drag him from the stage if necessary!
5th-Nov-2008 09:16 am - President Obama
tv: eddie izzard hee
America, you are awesome! Woo! :D!
31st-Oct-2008 07:58 am - Snow
painting: the sea
There was so much snow yesterday that trains all over Switzerland stopped working. Half of my class didn't get to school because there were no trains at all to get them there. Unbelievable.

It's OCTOBER. Why is there snow already??
24th-Oct-2008 09:39 am - NaNoWriMo
tv: secret garden
November is coming. And with it... NaNoWriMo.

I really don't have time to do it this year. ...Which is why I've just renewed my account on the website and am trying to come up with ideas already.

5th-Oct-2008 05:48 pm - ... political meme?
painting: brave sir knight
Sarah Palin names meme nicked from tzarohell

Choose a cool nameCollapse )

Yesterday Sarah and I went to some second hand shops. In the first one, I found four lovely wine glasses and two books, and in the second one, I found this coat. Now I want to go out somewhere fancy so I can wear it.

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random: dougie
I just listened to Chinese Blues on Travis' MySpace page. Aaaahh I am dead. I really hoped it wouldn't lose the energy it had when they play it live - I thought maybe it'd sound to tame on the album. But no! It's brilliant!

Ode to J. Smith comes out on Mondayyyyy I want it noooowwww :(


Tonight and tomorrow night my choir is performing the Magic Flute again - and I have a bad cold and can hardly speak. Which wouldn't be that bad, it wouldn't matter if I was missing usually. But this time around, I have a speaking role. Which means I need to be miraculously healed of my cold in the next 10 hours.
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